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2011年3月11日 日本東北8.9級大地震, IARU 發出通告

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以下是 IARU 的最新通告

Japan Earthquake - Update 3        
Written by G0DUB for VK3PC     
Monday, 14 March 2011 10:37  

Situation worsens after triple disasters hit Japan. Damage following the worst earthquake in 140 years and a tsumani that wiped away part of north-east Japan, comes news of power outages caused by major trouble at a nuclear power station.

Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP reports that according to police information as of 10am local time on March 14, the death toll is 1,627 and the reported missing person count is 1,720. "It is only the official count and the number is still expected to increase. Thousands of bodies are reported to have been found on the coast of the tsunami suffered area," he said. A Miyagi prefecture source says that the death toll will be in the order of ten thousands in that prefecture alone.

The 8.9 on the Richter scale quake hit off north-eastern Sendai durning the late afternoon on Friday March 11, and triggered a ten-metre tsunami. At the request of Central Emergency Communication Committee, Ken JA1CJP, the IARU Regional 3 Secretary, said the JARL is operating its HQ station JA1RL in Tokyo, and regional HQ stations.

Earlier it was reported that JA1RL was using 7 MHz SSB, 144 MHz SSB/FM and 430 MHz SSB/FM. He said, "Many other radio amateurs are thanked for providing information and exchanging support to the rescue and disaster relief operations. Those who can operate in the affected areas are providing a lifeline for rescue teams and those at local shelters. Some stations are operating with car batteries and others with engine generators."

Ken JA1CJP said, "Another problem is the nuclear power plant where the water supply system failure caused overheating of the nuclear fuel bar. That causes some radioactive gas release from the plant and people have been evacuated from the surrounding area."

The earthquake also damaged electric power generation plants fuelled by oil or natural gas, resulting in a shortage of electricity. Tokyo Electric Power Company plans to stop supplying power to certain parts of its service area on rotation basis to cut power consumption. This shortage of power may also stop or restrict the operation of the train systems around Tokyo.

- Jim Linton, VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.
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这个芮氏规模的8.9级地震袭击了东北仙台掉在星期五下午晚些时候在3月11日,并引发了ten-metre海啸。根据被保险人的要求,中央紧急通讯委员会,肯恩,JA1CJP因应IARU区域3秘书,说JARL JA1RL是以经营总部站在东京,与区域总部电台。

早前有报道说,JA1RL用了7兆赫SSB,144兆赫SSB / FM和430兆赫SSB / FM。 他说,“很多其他无线电业余爱好者提供信息是表示感谢,并交换了支持营救和救灾行动。那些可以操作的受影响的地区提供一个生命线的救援队伍与那些在当地的避难所。一些广播站是汽车电池和其他操作时,发电机和发动机。”



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謝謝 OM BA7NW 把英文翻譯成中文
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Japan Earthquake - Update 4        
Written by G0DUB for VK3PC     
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 14:28  

Fresh information has been recieved from IARU Region 3 and JARL about the amateur radio response to the disaster and the frequencies in use

Earthquake disaster facts emerge
Japan remains under its worst threat to an ever rising toll, widespread destruction, power, fuel and water shortages follow the massive earthquake, tsunami and failed 40-year old nuclear power station.

IARU Region 3 Secretary, Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP said the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) HQ station JA1RL and other amateur stations are maintaining their effort to support the disaster relief operation.

Ken JA1CJP said, "In less damaged areas, the electric power supply is being restored gradually and local amateur radio club members have started to establish stations at shelters."

The information is being coordinated as part of an organised rescue and relief effort. It seems likely to continue for some weeks and months to come. The 8.9 on the Richter scale quake hit off north-eastern Sendai and triggered a ten-metre tsunami on Friday.

Ken JA1CJP quoting local news sources said, "The situation is getting worse. On March 15, police announced that 2,414 people have been killed (up from 1,627 24 hours earlier) and 3,118 are reported missing (about double in the same period).
"Some 55,380 houses/buildings were damaged by the earthquake and 3,000 houses washed away by the tsunami."

Rescue teams have arrived and started their activities in the affected areas. They came from many nations including Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, China, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Russia.

In all the Japanese government has received help from 91 nations and territories and nine international organisations.

Ken JA1CJP said another worry is leakage of radio-active gasses at the Fukushima nuclear plant which was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

A shortage of fuel, disruption to rail and road transport have been reported from many affected areas still recovering from the worst earthquake in 140 years followed by a widespread tsunami that swept away so much.

JA1RL continues to operate under instruction to be an emergency traffic centre and increasingly receiving help from JARL members in the affected area. It is using the 7 MHz SSB, 144 MHz SSB/FM and 430 MHz SSB/FM.

Many other stations are active and are using various frequencies including some battery powered and others using small generators to exchange rescue and disaster relief operation information with JA1RL and others.

While 3525, 7030, 7043 and 7075 have been mentioned as in use, it\'s wise to keep those and all of the Centre of Emergency (CoA) clear of normal and non-urgent traffic. There is no call for additional foreign radio amateurs.

- Jim Linton, VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.
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“一些房屋受损55,380 /建筑3000栋房子被地震和海啸冲走了。”




JA1RL继续下运作的指示必须紧急交通中心和越来越接受帮助从JARL各成员在患处。它是利用7兆赫SSB,144兆赫SSB / FM和430兆赫SSB / FM。


同时,7043 3525 7030和7075,已经被提到了在使用,它\ ' s智慧,让那些和所有的中心(辅酶)清晰的紧急情况正常,non-urgent交通。因此不需要额外的外国无线电业余爱好者。

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